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Soooo – Heart Awareness Day (in our home) & Valentines Day just around the corner.  I have been wanting to do another digital graphic kit for awhile.

Whenever this time of year comes around I think back 13 yrs ago when we were faced with one the biggest trials that we knew so far . . . having a child born with a heart defect.  I was sooooo clueless, and I worried so much about what he was going through – hoping I was being a good mom – I loved him so much, I didn’t want to see him go through the pain and suffering he was experiencing. 

One of the most vivid memories that stands out during that difficult time – was my problem with all of his MEDS!!!!  When he first came home from his first surgery – he had sooooo many meds, and you couldn’t give at the same time.  I was up through night giving him his different doses at the appropriate time etc. . . The pharmacy we went through didn’t know how to mix the dosage correct to make it a pediatric formula.  Nor did they tell me they didn’t know.  {Angry face}  They just informed me that that dosage was only good for 1 day (yes, I said one day)  They made me come back everyday.  I did that for almost 2 weeks.  My Will was the youngest of 4.  My oldest was in kindergarten.  I was exhausted, we had doctor appointments almost every day.  Appointment with the surgeon, the pediatric cardiologist, the regular pediatric doctor, a urologist, lab work (he was on coumadin) x-rays, echograms – – – then all the early intervention therapy= Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Speech therapy, etc. . . I recall saying to myself “Speech therapy? He doesn’t even talk???”  Had no idea it was to help him swallow, or eat – which come to realize he was delayed in that area.  There was so much to learn – – – so yes, I was exhausted.  My husband trying to earn a living, and I really didn’t have family to help me, and I felt like I had already drained or taxed enough from friends = they tried their best to help me, but really didn’t understand.  I decided to go to the heart support group @ PCH.  I learned that I didn’t have to stay with the same pharmacist – not sure why I didn’t know that – I was young.  I started to go to one by my doctor, where at least the prescription lasted for 2 weeks – However, I had to park my car in difficult parking garage, go into the building, up elevator to the suite in the medical building – with my 4 kids, O2 tank etc. . . At least it was every two weeks – but it was wearing on me.  One day a mom from the group heard of my problem and called me to tell me that the pharmacist at Osco Drug by our home (we lived by each other), took the time to be trained on how to mix pediatric dosages for the few cardiac kids that come to their store.  WOW – what a break through for me.  A drive through and everything!!  It was small simple gesture, but the effect was HUGE in my life! That was such a blessing.  All because of the support group. 

We still go through issues with our Will.  He gets headaches, behind in school, some behavior issues.  I would love to be able go to the meetings – but now I have 5 kids – and they’re no longer small.  To say the least – were busy.  However, I know I always want to give back to this community that is so close to my “Heart”.  I can honestly say I love every kid out there that is born with this.  This is the least I can do for a cause I will always be passionate about. 

Happy Heart Day CHD Community!!


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