Camera Repair/ SD Memory Stick Recovery


Soooo my SD stick became corrupted??? & my camera or computer would no longer read it.  Now, normally I would just re-format the card or erase card through “disk utility” (mac) & start over . . . . but I had images on the camera that I needed!!!!  Through”disk utility” I tried to repair the drive – but it was shaded out and wouldn’t recognize it.  I thought maybe my PC will read the card, through the control panel – No.

I called a few places that did disk recovery – thinking, it’s only a memory stick . . . . maybe $20???  No the first place wanted $89 just to look at it.  Then they would send it over to a lab and then call me if they needed more.  The seconded started at $199 – 349.  UGGGG!!! – I knew I only had aprox 100 images.  so that was not worth it to me.

So I searched google . . . .
I found this guys site “” – full of amazing advice on fixing memory stick, camera repair, disk recovery etc…  He share info on the freeware “Photo-Rec” (for mac) and download – – –
1 hour later – – – YES!!!!  It worked great!!!

I highly recommend his site – and photorec software – Here is his link:

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