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I have had to drive a lot this summer – to California, Utah, Nevada, from Tucson to Flagstaff – back and forth several times.  Summer Vacations, kids moving to BYU, EFY, Scout Camps – you name it!  One trip, I drove 3 days straight going back and forth.  How I stayed sane?  Book on Tape!  I listen to several books using the app Audiable.  I used to complain, I never had time to read a good book.  Here was my chance to catch up & listening is very enjoyable.  {Depending on the reader; some are very . . . yawn! However, some are AMAZING!}


  • It’s a part of Amazon, can use same login used for Amazon.
  • Audible is also “Whisper-Sync”.  If you have a Kindle or Kindle app, & you buy the book, you can toggle back and forth between reading or listening using the whisper-sync feature. Often *when buying the kindle version, whisper-sync audio is either free or only a few dollars more.  Which ends up being a lot cheaper then buying the audio book on audible.  That way you get both!
  • Web-site is well organized.  You can click on links for the author, genre, or the reader etc. . .You can play the sample.
  • When you sign up – you’ll receive free credits.
  • You get 1 free credit each month, with a membership.  I use my credits for the more expensive books.  1 credit will buy you a book.  Some books, (large ones) can cost over $20.
  • For the books that are under $5 – I’ll buy straight out.  Sometimes credits will go on sale, I’ll buy extra – it’s worth it.
  • Can download the book to your device, so you’re not having to listen to the book from online (vs. listening to a book through you-tube).  Also you’re not using data when it’s downloaded to your device.
  • Now – I believe I’m ok with this.  My teenage sons uses my apple ID for his iPhone.  So he uses the same app.  I figure we can share the same music, we can share the book through audible.  I love to listen to books I think he is interested in.  That way we have something in common.  Also, he is academically behind.  At least listening to the book, he is being exposed to great vocabulary and uplifting media.


  • You can’t buy the book through the app!  urgg!  This does bug me.  So if I’m going to road trip, I make sure I buy my book before on my desktop computer before I get on the road.
  • I need to figure out how to return a book that I started listening to but decided I didn’t like the reader.
  • I wish it had a rating system.  Some books seem like their youth oriented, but they seem to be a little more adult then I would have liked.  Because “hearing someone say the “F-word” vs. reading it is a lot different.  I just skip over content like that.  But if I’m listening to it out loud and the reader is getting emotional in the book because it calls for it – it sometimes that special word will echo through-out my house, and my kids will wondering what is going on. HA HA, it can be embarrassing.  Sometimes, I’ll use headphones.

Even got my hubby to listen with me on our last road trip! “Michael Vey”

Michael Vey ♥ this book, review post coming soon!

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